Larry Tue, 27 Sep I used 2x AA batteries tried 1 battery.. Before this happened, I believe the i. My HC9 developed this problem this week. I’m willing to the battery thing but I was saving it to last. Didn’t have to hook up an extra battery or anything. From what I have read I will move onto a different company.

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I refuse to buy another Sony dcr hc36 camcorder or Sony anything. I tried removing the battery and banging the bottom of it.

Insert new tape eony hold the lid which is supposed to click into place.

Bruce Sat, 20 Nov Yesterday it didn’t shut anymore. I not used it for a long time and then I tryed – tape was out but I can’t load sony dcr hc36. Push down the “top” of the tape tray and it should close, if not, re-apply the power to the motor to move the tray in a bit more until the top closes and stays shut. But I have to do the battery thing every time I have to hcc36 the tape unit It will move very slowly. WOW, am I glad I found this sony dcr hc36

Sony Camcorder Repair, Sony Professional Camcorder Repair

The recorder has been out of use for about a year because of this problem. Since I’m on vacation I had to improvise a fix with the materials at hand.

Glad sony dcr hc36 put their head together to figure this one out Login to post Please use English characters only. Seems this thread is sort of the number one market place for C. I tried punching the bottom a couple times and nothing.

It all happened when I took a tape out to take the lock setting off and then when shutting the door again, sony dcr hc36 just didn’t do anything and ruined any filming possibilities. It won’t move anything by itself.

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Dropping it on the hardwood floor sony dcr hc36 was actually an accident although I probably would have done that after a few minutes didn’t seem to do anything so I read the message about hitting the bottom. Attach the camera battery and the tray should close.

Any harder and I will surely break this thing, well, break it worse than it already is. I have been getting the error C Larry Bardo Sony dcr hc36, 22 Jan And this time, I did some additional voodoo shit.

However, the door will now open and sony dcr hc36 carrier will move upward but it will not eject the tape. Then my camcorder didn’t work again and I did the method when you turn off and hold the door firmly, then put the battery in and the tape down.

I get the C: My two daughters are off filming now.

I used a D battery and phone wires stripped at the ends a bit. So im stuck with a shiny camera that dont work.

Curt Wed, 27 Jan None of the other methods worked for me. It is most encouraging to see so many people sharing their ideas on a forum such as this.

Tony Sat, 27 Aug However, I did sony dcr hc36 fix the problem for now with the battery method. Must have a couple thousand hours on it.

Also thanks to the people who posted to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but made me feel beter. I couldn’t get it to accept tape. So Sony dcr hc36 took the battery out and pushed the reset button for 15 seconds with a pen. Accepting a tape seemed to be intermittant and at the camera’s whim. After that, it worked fine. I have found sony dcr hc36 if I remove the battery with the camera off and then install it again My previous problem was stuck tape.

Thanks everyone from info above, thought I would make it a little simpler.

Sony Camcorder Repair | Sony Video Camera Repair

This seems to do the trick for now. I was able to fix it, but I made the same mistake. Sony dcr hc36, I hope this was a one time thing. Now have the same problem but it is not working.

Sony Camcorder Repair

Had the tape closing and opening a couple zony times with a battery attached to wires,then the dreaded error came back. Pull out tape cartridge and let the door open again. I just can’t believe this. They charged exactly what they said they would in the estimate Best thing about this new spny is that you are never sony dcr hc36 on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Panasonic and Canon get some good reviews, but I notice there are sony dcr hc36 any good reviews for the handicams anymore.