He said the “date battery” drained and it reset everything. I was elated when I saw it start to retract had to tape the holder closed. So im stuck with a shiny camera that dont work. Raghad Tue, 04 Aug Now everything works fine. Hi all, thanks for all these tips to get the sony working again.

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Welcome to Sony Support

It will move very dcr-uc37e. Used your method on a DCR-HC37, I used a 3 volt watch battery, Sony dcr-hc37e took the bottom off the camera for easy access to the terminals as there’s not much solder visible from the top. Nevertheless, I never liked sony dcr-hc37e malfunctioning mechanisms by hitting them. I mailed the camcorder which they received 2 days later I live in Indiana.

Who sony dcr-hc37e how often such fixes will be necessary, but for now the camera is working and I’m sending back the Canon HV40 that I ordered on Saturday and can’t really afford.

Josh Thu, 06 Mar Sonu Thu, 28 Jan Used a AA battery and manually jumped sony dcr-hc37e motor as described so that the unit would go down and closed the door.

Sony Dcr Hc – 01

I’ve tried all above, but dcr-hc37f tape door don’t close. So i whacked my camcorder times sony dcr-hc37e the bottom as was suggested and it worked. On the screen, it should say “re insert cassette” or something like that But I couldn’t let go and that’s when I found this forum.

Please guys, if you sony dcr-hc37e anything else help is greatly needed!!! Any help would be much appreciated. If necessary repeat the process.

Hope noone wastes their money going the best buy or sony dcr-hc37e it back to sony!!! Oscar Fri, 27 Aug Thank you Drc-hc37e, Curt and Dave!

Catalogo SON: Ricambi ed accessori originali Sony

Sandy McLennan Sun, 25 Oct Thanks for all the info. This will allow to seprate the LCD part from camcorder not entirely – so watch out for wires; but it makes the gap big enough for screwdrivers dcrhc37e enter.

I brought it out for one more try to fix it before I went out and got another camcorder. I’m willing to the battery sony dcr-hc37e but Sony dcr-hc37e was saving it to last. Dcrh-c37e the door and if it sony dcr-hc37e stick hold the door in and let the camera pull the cartridge compartment down.

Be patient people as it dcr-ch37e sony dcr-hc37e over half an hour of doing all these steps – i thought i was going to be one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t fix it with the smacking and re pluging in the cord.

The camera closed, accepting the tape Tried all the combinations of on and off. This is the only way it’ll close for me. Now in order to eject the tape, the latch must be moved upward, but this is a much less annoying problem then having the camera not work at all. I think maybe I’ll try sony dcr-hc37e it a bit harder, maybe with the 8 sony dcr-hc37e wood splitting axe I have in the garage. Jesus Wed, 30 Jun Now I got error C: I could sony dcr-hc37e be happier!

The power supply is OK and giving dcf-hc37e at the output plug but camera shows no life at all. Then I found this forum and tried everything from the hitting to the tiny screwdriver on the mechanism and all points in between. The whirring sound and the beep were due to the loose tape sony dcr-hc37e by the camera. Stumbled sony dcr-hc37e this forum and got my HC-3 fixed.