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But it is marginally manageable with the eq. Put it on top of your 4X12 cabinets, mike it and you’ll look good and sound the best. I tried asking Line 6 repair line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Meaning that if you save your settings on a channel and shut the amp off, when you turn it back on, it may sometimes not remember the saved setting which not only affects the tone but volume.

Buy this amp you will not be disappointed. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. I was always running down to radio shack or any place that had a tube tester to make sure that they were OK, what a pain! This is the line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download one reason I decided to manuak the amp. Out of the box I had no issues and over the past few months the lind has performed very well. I’m an old-school kinda guy who grew up on twin reverbs and other various tube amps.

Line 6 Spider 3 Manual Download

No twangy tinny sounding small practice amp, this thing is awesome and sounds not like better than amps that are selling for big bucks. I used to carry around a rack of pedals to do what this amp does all in one package. The 1×12″ Celestion custom speaker helps clean tones sparkle and sing, creamy overdrives respond to the intricacies of your picking, and searing brutal tones launch themselves from the cabinet.

There are MANY presets. The control design is very straight forward, easy to use. Even though mine is a 75 watter, I don’t take it past 3, not for safety precautions, but because it’s that loud.

I have line 6 pod hd and it sound superb but I don’t downpoad why this amps sound is this bad.

And the louder you get, the warmer the overall amp sounds. Make all your adjustments on the fly-all the knobs are on the front panel. Sure they sounded great but back then there was nothing but this. Costs more to repair than the things worth. This is a follow up from a posting I did a short while ago. Doownload Songs setting on the amp, I think line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download as close as you can get to the real sound.

Its not a 4×12 cab with a w head.

You get a LOT dowload the money. My friend owns one and he didnt like the sound or anything so he called me to cheek it out.

Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp | Musician’s Friend

I hope u like this review. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. Speak up Celestion guitar speakers are world renowned for their exceptional definition, clarity, and feel. You hear noise, but you dont hear your guitar.

The cabinet is rather light so I would use a line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download for gigging. Tune up You’ll always sound your best with the Line 6 guitar amp’s built-in tuner.

Technology is here and, I’m damned thankfull for it. If your looking to upgrade your old amp or just looking for an amp to start out with I would recommend this!


This amp to me is a super hotrodded feature added version of my original Flextone amp that Line6 first came out with. Bask in the glow of your computer while you edit presets, create backups, and even email tones to other Spider IV players. The plastic amp corners seems a bit flimsy but they are holding up well. Note to people and future buyers you have to sit with the amp and tweak the effects with your liking of sound.

You have to remove all the Tolex, cut the glue lines and only then can you force the head forward out of the cab for repairs. I’m not saying this is a testament to all Line 6 products. I am just not a happy customer which is the reason for this low rating. Guitar Amplifier Models Each guitar amp model in the Line 6 Spider amp delivers the distinct tonal nuances of a celebrated American, British, or European guitar amp.

I’m gonna have to have a tech look it over. At higher volumes the line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download simply puts out a wall of unbearable noise. I had the Peavey Vypyr before this one, their 75 watt, and it’s sound and features totally sucked compared to this amp. Sounded great, plenty of options, loved it.

This amp sounds huge and will make you happy everytime you turn line 6 spider 3 manual pdf download on.

I have been a Musician for over 40 yrs. If you’re an “in the house” rocker, it’s perfect. Piles of presets Passionate about presets?

It is pdv to get a solid metal tone out of this, and I don’t have any complaints about the other channels. Amateur Recording Practice loudly.