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With MyEnglishLab they can learn English by watching videos, listening to audio, and recording their own voices. I need a course that can engage my students in conversations.

Teachers can identify the areas where students struggle most, so they can spend more time on explanation and practice. Developing rounded, high-flying students sounds like a time-consuming task. He has also developed English language materials for the BBC World Service Learning English section, and he makes films which appear in languafe and on British television. Students will really appreaciate not having to carry heavy books any more.

They stimulate discussion and develop critical thinking. Language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download can New Language Leader support me?

Can New Language Leader help? Contact us to get free access to your online printable teacher’s notes, unit tests, extra tips and advice on how to make the most of your New Dowjload Leader course. MyEnglishLab is a smart platform that brings you a variety of interactive online learning activities to support your teaching.

Language Leader Intermediate

You can display them in the Interactive White Board or share the link with your students directly. Listen to the audio samples and hear the multiple exposures to language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download language and teacners recycling in practice.

All the course audios and videos are available for free online at www. Students better engage in class discussions and learn how to construct logical arguments in English. New Language Leader provides a range of contemporary topics including business and global affairs, design, the media, crime, travel, education, the environment, health, society values, science and engineering, sports, communication and globalisation.

He has spent the majority of his career in higher education in the UK where he has taught on and directed programmes of business, general and academic English. Learning should be fun.

He language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download over 25 years’ teaching experience, including three years as an in-company trainer in Berlin at the time of German reunification.

Course audio and video is available online at www. Gradebook gives you a summary of the areas in which individuals need more practice. Automated marking helps you to be more efficient with your time. Downpoad every book you will find 12 units divided into relevant sections, such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing. He has over 44 years teaching and training experience, and is co-author of the successful Market Leader and Business Class course books.

He has taught in Canada, France and England, and has been visiting lecturer in many universities overseas. Login to MyEnglishLab here. Take a look at some of the videos integrated into the lessons.

It is not just about learning English anymore. MyEnglishLab enchaces your teaching even further with a variety of interactive tasks and exercises.

Gradebook gives you insightful analytics that help track student performance. Your students will be able to access all their learning language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download and study anytime, anywhere. The assessment spreads in New Language Leader develop the skills that students need to get a high score at the popular university admission exams.

If you thought learning was confined to the classroom, think again. MyEnglishLab instantly grades their language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download and gives them meaningful feedback. We love what we do in English Language Teaching ELT at Pearson, because we get to work in lots of different types of classrooms around the world.

They give advice on how to better understand lectures, take notes, participate in discussions and give many other useful academic tips. Each lesson of New Language Leader has activities focused on reinforcing these competencies.

As well as teaching English, he is an academic Dwonload course leader, and unit leader on courses in cross-cultural communication for the London College of Fashion.

Students engage better with audios and videos embedded in tasks.


We believe in all kinds of learning, delivered at any time, in any place through materials of the language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download quality, enabling you to achieve your English learning and teaching goals. He has lived in Africa and the Middle East and has teaching, training and managerial experience in the UK and Asia, including working as a teacher trainer at the British Council in Tokyo. AUDIO Listen to the audio samples and hear the multiple exposures to new language and intensive language leader intermediate teachers book pdf download in practice.

Among his pedagogical interests are: The course offers a variety of authentic materials that familiarise students with real English expressions and scenarios. To liven and support your classes, you can display them via the Interactive White Board or share the link with your students directly. The full set of Teacher’s Resources is available as a downloadable resource via your local Pearson representative.

Presentational tools, audio, and video activities are already embedded in units. Experts act as role models and inspire students to work harder. We asked David Cotton, an author of New Language Leader, to share what inspired him to create the course and how New Language Leader can make you a legendary teacher. The key to success is a general English syllabus combined with academic English and exam preparation.