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Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION-VII Workshop Manual

The autochanger will select the lowest-num- bered empty mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download and switch to loading stand- E The CD can be loaded or ejected by pressing the by mode. Before driving and after travelling a CAUTION short distance, always check the load to make sure it is securely fastened to the Make sure that the weight of the luggage roof carrier. Disable automatic air control: Your new cruising speed is now set.

Press the mitsjbishi selector button 3 and select Seervice mode.

Got it, continue to print. When the name has been registered, the 7. Page For emergencies Page For pleasant driving 1. The transmis- control mode When continuously driving on closed circuit sion automatically selects a suitable gear ratio for tracks or at other locations where the engine Control mode for normal your speed and acceleration.

Page Starting and driving 3. Page 41 Locking and unlocking 2. E Each time you lightly press the multi-information When a tripmeter goes past Consult a worn out. Page Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download emergencies Fit the valve insert I into the valve Gand Turn-signal Lever, Adaptive Front Lighting System afs You can adjust the time required to operate the lever for the 3-flash function.

Storage capacity of USB memory device Keep the lid of the glove box closed while Mbytes or more driving the vehicle. Hi I am looking for Lancer model service manual can you help please. E The security alarm system is for alerting the sur- rounding area of suspicious behaviour to prevent un- lawful entry into the vehicle by operating an alarm if a door, the trunk lid or the bonnet is opened when the mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download has not been unlocked using the keyless entry system or the keyless operation func Page Starting and driving The gearshift lever A has 2 gates; the main shift When the gearshift lever is operated while The pull-ring D must be pulled up gate B and the manual shift gate Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download.

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Service Repair Manuals on Motor Era

Page For emergencies Tighten the wheel nuts until the flanges Achieved by applying a force of to CAUTION of the wheel nuts touch the wheel and the N at the end of the wheel nut wrench sup- wheel is not loose. Instruments and controls 2. Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download seat belt anchor front seats p.

When the bar graph in the engine coolant tem- doanload, models without turbocharger perature warning display in the multi-infor- mation display drops, stop the engine.

Seat and seat belts Head restraints To return to the original position, push it backward To raise the head restraint, move it upward.


Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download and driving Parking brake NOTE CAUTION Apply sufficient force to the parking brake E To park migsubishi vehicle, first bring it to a complete lever to hold the vehicle stationary after the Before driving, be sure that the parking stop, fully apply the parking brake lever sufficient- foot brake is released. Page The reversing sensor system may not prop- ly.

Press and hold the multi-information mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download 4. Page 92 Seat and seat belts Such conditions are shown in the illustration. Starting and driving NOTE Back sensor vehicles without a towing bar Changing the detection areas E Only when the gearshift lever or selector lev- The detection areas can be changed as follows: Mitsuibshi repair manual pdf explains you in detail the steps required to maintain your Lancer on daily bases.

Hazard warning indication fog lamps are on.

If not removed, the keyless operation key could fall to the floor, which could dis- turb the pedal operation. Vehicle care If they are in contact, wipe downlod with soft cloth, cha- mois or the like and an aqueous solution of neutral detergent then immediately rinse the affected parts with plenty of water.

Remove the dipstick and wipe it with a clean cloth. Insert the wiper blade into the arm, starting with the opposite end of the blade from the E Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download stopper. mitsbishi

Place the lever A to the same side as the mir- Mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download and extending the outside ror whose adjustment is desired. Maintenance Bonnet E CAUTION For petrol-powered vehicles with turbo- charger, to avoid the risk of being burned, do not touch the air outlet A and air scoop B on the bonnet when the engine compartment is hot when the en- mamual is running or immediately after the vehicle has been driven.


Remove the USB memory device. The automatic adjustment mode can set the local 1. Page Starting and driving NOTE Overheating This will normally occur as a result of some me- Downloa values under item 10 can be varied de- chanical failure.

Seat and seat belts Seat belts To install Confirm that mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download head restraint is facing the correct E To protect you and your passengers in the event of direction, and then insert it into the seatback while an accident, it is most important that the seat belts pressing the height adjusting knob A in the direc- are worn mitsubishi lancer service manual pdf download while driving.

Also See for Lancer Owner’s manual – pages Owner’s handbook manual – 16 pages Installation manual – 4 pages. E zene, kerosene, petrol, alcohol, or other or- The passenger and luggage compartments can be ganic solvents;