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The general rule should be that in all cases of fraud, embezzlement punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download similar offences departmental proceedings should be instituted at the earliest possible moment against all the delinquents and conducted with strict adherence to the rules up to the point at which prosecution of any of the delinquents begins.

If rulfs irregularity is detected by audit in the first instance, it will rles the duty of the Accountant-General to report immediately to the Administrative authority, concerned. Finance Department Notifications In all cases of payment by remittance a note of the date and mode of remittance must be made on pdc bill or voucher at the time of remittance.

Department of Public Works, Donwload, Navigation, etc works for which capital and revenue accounts are kept. They will also receive the excess, if any, or their civil pay over their military pay, provided that this concession is specifically sanctioned by the Ministry of the Government of India or the head of the attached or subordinate office concerned, or by the Punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download Government in whose employee the reservist are serving in their civil capacity.

Punjab Financial Rules Vol-II

Pass Book or list of cheques cashed P. Inspecting Officers Bill 8. Purchase of Service Postage Stamps. To guard against this it must be insisted in every case in which money is drawn on punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download bill from the treasury that the total amount of the bill in words is carefully entered by the clerk who draws it up and the copies of accounts and bills submitted to the treasury and to the audit office are carefully compared with the office copies by the drawing officer.

Application for sanction to expenditure. The question of enforcing pecuniary liability should always be considered as well as the question of other forms of disciplinary action. In such cases the authority has sometimes neglected to institute a formal departmental enquiry or to carry it to requisite stage before criminal case is over, effective departmental punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download has been found impracticable.

A common type case is that where a number of persons are involved one or more criminally, and others in such circumstances as show negligence, or warrant the suspicion of criminal abetment without sufficient proof to justify prosecution or have similar features which necessitate a criminal prosecution of one or more and a departmental enquiry against others. The record of the transactions will be in the correspondence and not in the imprest or other cash account of the receiving officer.


The Defence Services also shall not be required to pay for the use of the Government civil Aerodromes and for other incidental services rendered by the Department of Civil Aviation to Indian Air Force planes, nor shall the Civil Aviation Department be charged, as a reciprocal arrangement, for the use of the Aerodromes of the Indian Air Force by the Civil Air Crafts.

Form of Mortgage for House Building Advance. Payment for articles ordered direct from the United Kingdom 8. Loans and advances to Government employees. Provision for expenditure in respect of a work undertaken by one department on behalf of another Form of Bond of Pd for drawing pay, pension, annuities etc. Inevitable payments and the general rules for payments against sanctioned grants.

The Punjab Government have fixed Rs, 50 as the monetary limit referred to in this punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download.

The power of interpreting, changing and relaxing these rules is vested in the Department of Finance. The following rules govern the incidence of the cost of troops lent to Civil Departments of the Central Government and to State Governments.

General Rules and principles relating to contracts. Thereafter, the Administrative authority and the audit authority will be punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download responsible, within their respective spheres, for the expeditious conduct of the enquiry.

Where any particulars form has been prescribed, it should be used as far as punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download. Instructions laying down the procedure to be followed in dealing with applications for finanfial for the construction, purchase or repair of houses.

Close Dialog Are you sure? Adjustment of Contributions payable to or Local Bodies.

The Punjab Financial Rules. Remove them from Saved? This rule is also applicable punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download regard to eownload allocation of the civil pay of a Government employee, who is a member of the Indian Navy Volunteers Reserve of the Indian Naval Reserve, when called for training.

Implementation of Business Process Outsourcing Article. Expenditure for other Government employees. Provision for expenditure in respect of a work undertaken by one department on behalf of another.

Annual Returns of Establishments. Commercial Departments or Undertakings. If it is decide not to prosecute, the case must be reported through the usual channel to Government for orders. Compensation for land 9. At the close of the day while singing the cash book, the head punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download the office should see that the departmental receipts collected during the day, the utilization of which towards expenditure is strictly prohibited under the Punjab Treasury Rules are credited into the treasury on the same day or on the morning of the next day at the latest and that there is a corresponding entry on the payment side of the cash book.

Punjab Financial Rules Vol-II | Postage Stamp | Prosecutor

Responsibility of drawing officer 8. Where action is taken under the Public Employees Inquiries Act, XXXVII ofthis ordinarily punjab financial rules volume 1 pdf download the dowjload of dowmload criminal prosecution as regards the person or persons accused; but the procedure as regards financil persons involved against whom the Act is not applied should be in accordance with the instructions given above.

In the case of subordinate offices at outstations the head of office or any other Gazetted Government employee named by him will count it wherever he may visit them and will record a note in the cash book, showing the date of examination and the amount in words found.

In all such cases the rent charged for residential accommodation will be the rent recoverable under the rules for the time being enforce from the person actually using such accommodation.

In offices having more than once chest, the actual balance of cash in each chest should be counted simultaneously. If not, the reasons for not doing so may be stated and a copy of the police report if any furnished.

Application for sanction to expenditure doownload Engagement of Passages 6. Two forms of negligence are specially noteworthy: